ViA Gem-Water by VitaJuwel (Diamonds)


Transform your everyday water.

What in the world is gem-water?

Quite simply, it's any water enlivened and restructured by the natural vibration of gemstones.

On the Go

Let our gem blends work their magic all day long. Simply refill with your own tap or filtered water. Choose from 18 blends. 




A diamond is the strongest substance on earth. If you're looking to build strength and stability in your life, you would benefit from choosing our Diamonds gem-water blend.

Traditional Naturopathic Uses:

In the healing arts this blend of diamonds and clear quartz is said to support the sensory organs and ease anxiety and depression.

**Please note most items are in stock, some items and custom orders might take up to 6 weeks. We will notify you the approximate fulfillment timeline upon purchase. If you have any questions email us at sales@mauricesjewelers.

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