Luv Me Malachite Bolo Bracelet

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Sterling Silver & Rose 14K Plated Luv Me Malachite Bolo Bracelet

Inspired by the power of love, this adjustable Bracelet from the Love Me Collection features an engraved "I Love You" message to signify following your heart's inner voice. This bracelet is beautifully presented with the inspirational poem 'Love Me.'

This bracelet is both timeless and modern. Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, this bracelet features three heart-shaped motifs (two made in plain metal and one made in Malachite stone) elegantly captured on a round box chain. The letters "I" and "U" are engraved on the plain metal heart shapes to signify the message "I Love You". Malachite is a polished silky green stone that creates strong barriers against negative energy, amplifies willpower, boosts creativity and fosters imagination.


This bracelet has a toggle that slides easily to adjust the chain's length for a comfortable fit.


This bracelet is plated in 14KT Rose Gold with 1.5 micron thickness, which is thicker than standard plating and gives the piece a long-lasting shelf-life.


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