Maurice’s Jewelers has three certified jewelers, master craftsman and a gemologist on the premise at all times. You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. We understand your concern about leaving something with high monetary and sentimental value. Our family jewelry store has been in business for over 75 years. Most new customers who come in for jewelry repair have been referred by friends or families who have had good experiences with us. We offer an endless range of service for engagement rings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings, men's jewelry, estate pieces, restoration and much more. With our innovative technology we photograph every item that enters and leaves our store in your personal account along with a printed picture on your receipt. Common repairs include: Ring sizing, prong repair, clasp replacement, refurbishing, professional cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating, bracelet and chain repair, Super-Fit shanks, remounts and more. Every diamond is different. When you bring a diamond in for repair, we will note the unique characteristics of your stone. These characteristics will be shown to you again upon picking up the piece, so you know you are taking back exactly what you left.


    We mean fast turnaround. We understand how difficult it is to part with your precious pieces so we do our best to fix your items while you wait. You can view your jewelry being fixed through our large glass window overlooking the jeweler’s workbench or a large flat screen monitor while enjoying refreshments at the beverage bar. Maurice’s Jewelers offers a 24 hour turnaround time on repairs, as well as “while you wait” repairs. Simply schedule an appointment to have your jewelry evaluated for qualification. Estimates for repairs are given once an item is physically evaluated in the store. This is our most popular service for engagement ring sizing.


    When you bring in your watch we either send it directly to the manufacturer for repair or we can have our certified watch repair specialist fix it for you for at least half of the price and time other manufacturers. We offer a one year Warranty on watch service repairs performed by us.


    JEWELRY APPRAISALS We offer complimentary appraisals upon purchase. Most insurance companies require an appraisal in order to offer a policy on your jewelry. Appraising is an art, a science, and a profession. The proper appraisal is your assurance that your interest will be protected and there will be prompt and accurate compensation in case of a loss of your treasured jewelry or timepiece. Maurice’s Jewelers has the certification to appraise your items. We are proud to be the jeweler of choice for a number of insurance companies who rely on us to evaluate their clients’ losses and recommend us for the jewelry and watch replacement.




    To put your mind at ease an appraisal for insurance purposes will provide you with a legal document itemizing your jewelry, including measurements and stone grades, photographs and replacement values.


    This type of appraisal gives a fair market value of your jewelry instead of a replacement cost. It is often used to settle an estate for tax purposes or help in dispersing jewelry equally among heirs.


    JEWELRY CLEANING Maurice’s Jewelers offers free cleaning and inspection – even if you didn’t buy it from us. Our sales staff and onsite jewelers will inspect your pieces to make sure your prongs are secure, stones are tight, and jewelry is in good condition. A free professional cleaning includes polishing, ultrasonic and steam cleaning. No matter how you clean it yourself, your jewelry will never look as shiny or sparkle as much, than when it comes out of our workshop. We love to see how excited our customers get when they see their jewelry sparkling like new.


    Our knowledgeable staff will inspect and evaluate your piece of jewelry under a magnification and notify you if something is wrong. Over time prongs can wear or break, stones can loosen, and metal can become thin and crack. Jewelry inspection is preventive maintenance. If you have your jewelry checked regularly, simple problems can be caught early. We can tell you what’s wrong, then repair the item before costly damage occurs or you lose a stone.


    Most Pearl necklaces and bracelets are strung using a silk strand and knotted between each pearl. The knots are both aesthetic and practical, giving the pearls a refined look while preventing pearls from rolling everywhere in the event the strand breaks. Over time the silk strand will start to stretch, weaken and even look dull or dirty from normal every day wear. This takes away from the beauty and luster of your pearls and leaves the strand vulnerable to breaking. We recommend restringing your pearls approximately every three years to preserve them. Stop in and consult with our sales staff. We are happy to take the time to educate and advise you. Our staff is also available for design consultations if you are interested in redesigning your pearls. By restringing them giving you can accomplish completely new look for a minimal cost.


    CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES In addition to selling fine jewelry crafted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, the jewelers at Maurice’s Jewelers specialize in custom design. Our craftsmen can work with you to create a truly unique piece for yourself or a loved one. Nothing compares to the magnificent custom designed masterpieces from Maurice’s Jewelers. We have a full design studio on the premise at all times and our staff can offer many ideas. Each exquisite creation is hand crafted with extreme attention to detail resulting in an incomparable and exceptional work of art. Our jewelers and master craftsman take pride in creating one-of-a-kind designs and breathtaking perfection.


    Do you have a ring you love, but never wear because it catches on everything or just isn’t your style? Why not turn it into a piece you will love? Did you inherit a pin from your grandmother? We can turn that beautiful antique pin you never wear into a necklace you never take off.


    We can take your idea, and bring it from your imagination to reality. Come in with photos, drawings or anything that has inspired you. We will combine your ideas with our expertise and experience to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom for you. We are happy to assist in resetting your diamonds from a yellow gold mounting into white gold or platinum. You may want to add more diamonds or get a second wedding band for the other side of your engagement ring. Need an idea? Stop in, we have plenty!


    Do you have diamonds or gemstones that were passed down to you, removed when you scrapped gold, or in a piece of jewelry you never wear? Use those stones to create a beautiful NEW piece of jewelry.


    Personalize, customize or tell your loved exactly how you feel by engraving an item at our store.


    Grow your diamond with us! As part of our jeweler for life commitment, Maurice’s Jewelers offers a lifetime diamond upgrade program on solitaire diamonds purchased from us. You will receive credit equal to 100% of the original price toward the purchase of a new diamond. Any diamond purchased at Maurice’s Jewelers will always be worth the value you paid for it! Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original diamond grading report. Settings: The credit value will be based solely on the value of the diamond. If your setting fits your new diamond and is in reusable condition, we will set your new diamond in your original setting. If your original setting cannot be reused, you have the option of keeping the setting or accepting towards a new setting.


    The price of gold is at historic highs. Now is the time to clean out your jewelry box and sell your jewelry! You may be surprised how much money you have sitting in your drawers. Bring in all the jewelry that you do not want or need anymore and we will sort, test, weigh and then write you a check – right on the spot. We will buy your unwanted silver, gold & platinum jewelry. Get paid for it immediately or trade in your old gold towards something new!


    Ask about how you can finance your jewelry for 90 days with 0% interest. Partnered with GE Finance, we offer flexible financing options available upon request.


    Proted your cherished memories with Perfect Circle Jewelry insurance a product of by jewelry since 1913. Your favorite pieces of jewelry reflect who you are and connect you to special moments with the ones you love.Protecting your cherished items from theft, damage,loss or mysterious disappearance is there specialty.Trust your home to your homeowners policy, but trust your jewelry to the jewelry insurance experts. Get the best advice,coverage and service here.

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    We offer a 90 day layaway plan. An item put on our Layaway Plan requires 20 percent (%) down payment. Than, one-third(1/3) of the remaining balance must be paid every thirty(30) days.